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Fun ways to use your hammock

Fun ways to use your hammock - Nakie
Nakie Drone

Hear  the word hammock and you think relaxing reading a book or.... watching the sunset with a Pina Colada.

Don't get us wrong we love a good Pina Colada or reading a book in a hammock but we have come up with a list of fun ways to use your hammock.

Relaxing on the top of a mountain after a long hike

Around a campfire

Nakie swimming

Watching the sunset 

On top of a cliff 

Mid day nap

Take your partner on a romantic date

 Nakie Rian Waterfall

Did someone say the beach?

Perfect for sleeping instead of your tent...

Summer day relaxing in the pool

Forces you to explore new places

Nakie by the beach

By a waterfall

Mid hike to rest the legs

Relaxing with friends 

 Nakie two hammock

Cuddles with your partner

Studying for exams

Enjoying with pets

Reading while on a hammock | NAKIE

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